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Enriched CS

Initiation of Computer Science

Our Goal


Our goal is to encourage innovation and educate computer science skills to middle school students. We warmly welcome new participants to our weekend-long competition. By promoting computer science education among students, we seek to motivate the upcoming generation of technological leaders.

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Upcoming Events

To further our goal of engaging children in problem-solving techniques, we are planning to host a hackathon in person that starts in late August to early September! The hackathon has two divisions, a beginner division open to all students of any level of prior programming experience in grades 1-10, and an advanced division open to all students in grades 3-12. Our hackathon will be allow students to indulge in the field of CS and develop a wide range of skills. Additionally, as part of our hackathon, we will be hosting a interactive workshops available for both beginner and intermediate programmers to learn more about competitive programming.

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Featuring over $1000 in prizes | Open to students in grades 1-12 (depending on division, more details below) | Dates are still to be determined, but check back soon for more information!

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Hackathon FAQ

Since this hackathon will be the first one we are hosting in person, the final dates and location are still being finalized. However, we will be sure to update this page as soon as we have more information! However, for a rough ballpark, we are aiming for the hackathon to be held in late August to early September.
The Hackathon will have two divisions, a beginner division for students in grades 1-10, and an advanced division for students in grades 3-12.
We will have at least 1000 dollars in cash prizes, though this number may increase depending on various factors such as venue costs.

Our Team

Meet the founders of Enriched CS


Manank Doshi

Hey everyone! I'm Manank, a senior at Lynbrook High School. I love competing, science & math, debate, and coding. Besides these, my hobbies include basketball, tennis, planes, engineering/building, and hanging out with my friends.


Arnav Saharan

Arnav is a senior at Lynbrook High School in Cupertino who is extremely passionate about computer science and engineering. In his free time Arnav enjoys reading, watching TV, and playing competitive tennis.


Suraj Chigati

Suraj is attending Lynbrook High School as a senior. In his free time, he loves to solve puzzles like Rubik's Cubes and play chess. He also likes to read.


Aadittya Tiwari

Aadi is into emerging technologies such as Quantum Computing and Machine learning. He loves playing tennis inside and outside of Lynbrook, journaling on Medium, and watching youtube videos in his free time.


Aarush Narang

Aarush is a senior at Lynbrook High School. He primarily codes in TypeScript, Python, and more recently, Java. He also knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C++, and has used web frameworks such as React, NextJS. Aarush has experience in AWS services such as EC2 and OpenSearch. He is also interested in machine learning and has worked on a few projects in that field. In his free time, Aarush enjoys working on personal projects, making food, and working out.


Raghav Goswami

This is Raghav and programming is one of his many passions. He primarily codes in SwiftUI and Java. He also has knowledge of HTML, React, and Unity. He has competed in hackathons, winning "Best App Dev" at the LEC Hacks. His favorite hobbies include chess, competitive soccer, competitive table tennis, and hanging out with friends.


Pranaad Rane

Pranaad is a high school senior currently at Lynbrook High. He plans on studying biological engineering. Some of his favorite hobbies are sketching, karate, and hanging out with his friends


Teja Jampani

Teja is a senior at lynbrook highschool and plans to study biochemistry and dentistry. He is also on the side studying computer science, learning java and python. He loves nature, socializing, and playing the marching tenor drums.

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